You Won’t Believe the Transformation!

April 11, 2016
Meet our Biggest Losers!
 Congratulation to everyone who made strides toward their ultimate fitness goal through the past 2 months in our “Biggest Loser” Challenge!
 You guys worked hard and we are so proud of you!
Michael Campbell swept the men’s division and

lost 10.6 pounds and 10.25 inches.

 He also walked away being the overall winner and taking home the$300 dollar prize.
Tammy Kluver won in 2 categories with
 9.35 pounds and 2.3% body fat lost.
Denise Neeley takes the top spot for inches lost by dropping a total of 16.85 inches.
Each of our category winners can now enjoy 3 free months of bootcamp.
Even though the contest is over, we hope you continue your fitness journey and see more awesome results!
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