Staying Ahead of Those Holiday Pounds

December 9, 2015
Bud A. hit a strength goal and bench pressed 200 pounds*, which is pretty great for anyone past 50 years old! He is a local Private investigator and is keeping his strength up for life and for the job!
Patty W. is down almost 20 pounds* since starting bootcamp. She brought in her before picture and it was amazing what a difference adding a bit of muscle mass and dropping body fat can do.  Keep your consistency up and we can’t wait to see you transform more!
Kerry B. lost 11 pounds* last month by focusing her efforts on improving her diet and working hard in bootcamp. We’re confident you will join the others on our wall of fame especially if you can replicate what you did thoughThanksgiving!
Fit Tip
Check your Serving Sizes!

If you are cooking, eating out, or are having a prepared and packaged meal make sure you are checking the labels for serving sizes! You can have too much of a good thing! If you eat a prepared and healthy meal that says it is only 300 calories, make sure that that is the calories for the whole meal and that the package is not a serving size of 2, which would actually be 600 calories.

Pick your serving size at home as well. Make sure you are giving yourself the appropriate amount of proteins and carbs in addition to your fibrous carbs. If you are leaving dinner completely stuffed, you may be having too large of portion sizes.
Please feel free to ask us about any nutrition help if you need it!

*Individual Results May Vary

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