Dedication and Determination!

November 18, 2015
The Hard Work is Paying Off!
Kayla A. lost 4 pounds* in 2 weeks and is continuing on strong! She is working with a trainer and is following a plan that is working! Keep it up!
Robert R. lost 1.5 inches* in his waist and gained half an inch in his shoulders! He is shedding body fat and putting on lean muscle all at the same time! Robert works long hours but still makes the time for the gym!
Good work Robert!
Jaime P. lost 8.1 pounds and 8.2 inches* in one month!
Hard work definitely has its rewards!
Fit Tip
Monitor your heart rate! 
When it comes to doing cardio in the gym and putting all those miles on
 your shoes, you should have a way to know if you are doing
it with enough intensity to force your body to change. If you are keeping your body in its comfort zone, you will remain there. Once you push the intensity past your comfort zone  your body will make the change to adjust
to that new level as your base level. Don’t sit in your lowest zone for the entirety of your   workout. Push your intensity and tap that 85-90% point of
your maximum heart rate! If you have some questions about how to amp up your cardio routine, contact us and we would
be happy to help!
Projected max heart rate: 
 220 – (your age) = Projected Max
Don’t sit at 60-70%, boost it!

*Individual Results May Vary

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